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We have a range of delicious flavours available created using the finest and, where possible, locally sourced natural ingredients. As well as our fresh milk selection we also offer vegan and dairy free options.

Our passion is to bring simple yet delicious flavours together, blending them with quality local produce or infusing them with our famous Willen ripples. It really is a flavour of love!

Why not check out our Ice Cream Shop and see our delicious flavours for yourself?!

Please ignore the ‘Too many requests’ message. There are three categories of flavours in our online store and occasionally the screen browser needs a refresh to display all the flavours currently in stock within each category.

Our cashew, fruit and plant milk based ice creams are perfect for those with a lactose free or vegan diet.

All our ice cream bases are vegetarian; our plant-base ice creams are made with a lactose free and vegan diet in mind. Our dairy ice cream flavours are made from farm fresh cows' milk, are suitable for vegetarians and are egg free.

Generally our flavours are gluten free, in exception our seasonal Christmas Pudding and Chocolate Stout dairy ice creams contain gluten.

All our cashew base ice creams contain nuts. Within our dairy range nuts are ingredients in a number of flavours.

The chocolate used in the making of our ice cream is manufactured in a factory that processes products containing milk and cereals.

Please read the ingredients and allergens listing for each flavour prior to adding it to your shopping cart.

Please get in touch if you have any queries. contact us

When I first started making ice cream it was with our son Luke as a bit of fun at home, and the chocolate we use in our ice creams is made by a family producer from Columbia with a community focus called Casa Luker.

We use a variety of local producers including:

As expert ice cream eaters we have a good idea of which flavour combinations work. To us the base is a blank canvas, and it allows us to get creative with the blends we and our customers love - whether its traditional, sweet or boozy flavours!

Flavour inspiration comes from a variety of sources and food experiences. For example, our Foxdenton Rhubarb Gin and Orange flavour was inspired by one of Delia Smith’s triffle recipes. Our Cherry Amaretto and Cherry Almond flavours are a modern take on a cherry bakewell tart.

Our Willow Tree Gin Liquorice Gin and Raspberry ice cream flavour collaboration was inspired by a love for Scarborough and Scandinavia with its seaside sweet and salty combination.

You can get your ice cream fix by visiting our online shop!

If you live within the borough of Milton Keynes and its surrounds, we can deliver your ice cream to your door. If you order three or more tubs you will receive FREE delivery. For smaller orders and delivery to outlying locations there will be a small charge. Please select and add the relevant delivery charge to your shopping cart.

We also have a click and collect service available, so if you order a tub from our online shop you can collect it from us when we are at one of our usual farmers market. If you order three or more tubs you will receive a 10% discount!

You can also get your hands on our ice cream from some of the best eateries, farm shops and food outlets in the South East Midlands. Take a look at ‘Our Stockists’ page for full details.

Yes we do. We try to keep our delivery service as accessible as possible to all. We have two delivery zones, Zone 1 which offers our customers free delivery for a minimum order of three tubs of our handmade ice cream, and for smaller orders a small service charge is requested, £2. And Zone 2 where a small service charge is requested, £3 for all orders. Please select and add the relevant delivery charge to your shopping cart.

We also have a click and collect service available, so if you order a tub from our online shop you can collect it from us when we are at one of our usual farmers markets. If you order three or more tubs you will receive a 10% discount!

The Ripple Club is our new subscription plan, where you can indulge in three tubs of our hand-crafted ice cream every month.


By signing up, not only could you be the first to try our ‘Flavour of the Month’, but you will also be entitled to two additional flavours, one each from our classic and premium ranges as selected by You on confirmation of your subscription plan.

On confirmation of your subscription plan, for variety, You can select to receive Any Flavour from our classic and premium ranges or, if you have a favourite flavour or flavours, You can select to receive one flavour of your choice from each range to receive each month within your plan.


Want to change your mind, just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to make the switch in your chosen flavour.

The ultimate way to eat our ice cream is with a huge smile on your face!

If you are eating one of our cashew-based ice creams, we recommend you allow it to thaw a little longer – say five minutes - so the ice cream is melting slightly on the outer edge. This way the cashew butter becomes creamier and more delicious!

If you can’t wait for the thaw, the ice cream will still be of our usual high standard, but they will have a little grainy texture. Try it both ways and see what you prefer!

Yes! Please take a look at our ‘Hire Us’  page for full details.

If you are a farm shop, delicatessen, independent cinema, local theatre, local theatre troupe, or restauranteur looking to support a small local business, we would love to work with you. Please take a look at ‘Our Stockists’  page for information.

We are always looking for new stockists, so please get in touch.

We don’t at present. When we do, we will let you know via our social media channels. Please be sure to like us on Facebook, Twitter and follow us on Instagram.

If you have a question that isn’t already on our FAQ, please get in touch.

Where to find us

MK7 Community Market, 1st Saturday of the month Hindhead Knoll, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes, MK7 7PB
A seasonal market which runs from April to October, with a Christmas market in December

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